- When you move you will shoot.

- Get the green coins for points.

- Use arrow keys, wasd or a gamepad to move.

- [M] to mute.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withGameMaker: Studio


Shoo Mo.exe 5 MB


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Great game! Using my steam controller i was able to get a score of 52. Keep it up.

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Wow, very fast paced

I know that its intended for gamepad, but the arrowkeys/wasd controls are hard to use and it feels weird. Maybe also add an option for a mouse? Click and hold anywhere to move (and shoot) in that direction? I dont know, just throwing it out there

(oh and my best is 20 right now)

EDIT: forgot to mention pressing enter after a game is kind of hard, spacebar is more intuitive and feels better

thanks. Space bar does seem like a better key to use.

Wow, this game is nuts!

thanks. What score did you get?

35 was my highest.