A downloadable game for Windows

Working on simple graphics and fast paced. Added loads of screen shake and flashing colours. I'm getting a bit bored of this type of shooter now. I will try make something new.

I can't get more than 50.


Super Numerary.exe 2 MB


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I like the graphical style. The explosions are great. Runs smooth. Nice to see a 2Mb game. Pretty hard to play and gets boring after a while. I wish there was a way to turn off the music.

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The file is so small because there's nothing to the game. It is a bit too simple and is boring. That's why I made it so hard so it doesn't drag.

I always mean to have an option to turn off music but I just upload the game. I guess you could always mute it in the Volume Mixer if it's that bad (not that you will be playing the game again).